Bickles Restaurant & Cocktail bar

"The Jammin’ Jamaican chill spot"


Winning wings

Marinated overnight in our homemade spicy jerk or sweet bqq sauces, Cooked and finished off on the jerk grill  


Bickles famous cocktail patties

Made from our very own bakery, you’ll get a taste of all the flavours, Chicken, Beef, Fish & Vegetarian


Carib Vol-au-vents

 Fillings stuffed into a golden puff pastry

A variety of Jerk chicken (chicken, sweet corn mayo & spices)

Ackee n Saltfish (cooked in garlic, peppers & spices) 

 Callaloo (Jamaican spinach, onions, peppers & spices) 


Flying fritters
Choice of spicy vegetable or salted fish, fried with peppers & spices and served in a pastry ball


Rum spiked pepper prawns
Marinated prawns sautéed with spicy hot peppers then finished off with a shot of spiced rum for a real Jamaican flavor boost




(Served with a choice of plantains, ital coleslaw or salad)

Jerk chicken


Curry chicken



Soup of the day

Please enquire for the today’s special



Meat dishes

All dishes served with a choice of rice n peas, steamed white rice, “mash-up” potatoes or chips

Party curry goat
A Jamaican tradition, seasoned and marinated overnight with our homemade blend of curry spices. Slow cooked to perfection with carrots and chopped potatoes


Bickles world famous Jerk pork
Marinated overnight with our homemade Jammin’ Jerk seasoning, Cooked in the traditional jerk pan to produce the aroma of summer


Jammin’ Jerk chicken 
Seasoned and marinated overnight with our homemade Jammin’ Jerk seasoning. Sweet, simple and spiced


Pepper steak

Tender Strips of steak marinated in a rich sauce & sweet peppers




Slow cooked in a Jamaican fusion of herbs and spices, served in a rich sauce with buttered beans & asparagus


Fish dish

All dishes served with a choice of rice n peas, steamed white rice, “mash-up” potatoes or chips

Grill salmon
Oven baked with sweet Caribbean spices and vegetables


Ackee and salt fish
Ackee the sweet national fruit of Jamaica cooked with seasoned onions & traditional Salt fish


Grill sea bass
Pan fried and served with rum infused caribbean peppers


Served in a honey fused sauce



Chickpea stew

Chickpea hot pot cooked with sweet peppers, spinach, red onions & cabbage


Ital stew 
Slow cooked coconut infused vegetables with okra as the star of the show


Bickles back a yard vegetable roast

Plantains, butternut squash, red onions, sweet peppers & carrots



Traditional Jamaican greens steamed with diced onions and herbs


Steamed vegetables

All the super healthy winners- okra, pumpkin & carrots on a bed of spinach


Ital salad 

Lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper



Rice and peas £2.95

Steamed coconut rice £2.50

Coleslaw £2.95

Breadfruit (seasonal) £3.95

Plantain £2.95
Chips £2.95 (Cajun spices + 50p)

Dumpling £2.95 (boiled or fried)

Mash potatoes £2.95



Strawberry cheesecake


Apple pie & custard


Chocolate fudge cake



Jamaican rum cake with ice cream