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So what's Bickles all about?

Bickles is a family run business. The Company began when its founders decided that finding a Jamaican restaurant which exhibited a consistent taste, fun & friendly atmosphere plus, brilliant customer service was a rarity. As first generation Jamaicans in Britain they felt it necessary to promote their food and culture in the way that it deserved to be.


Bickles restaurant started out at premises in Brixton (Coldharbour lane), serving South Londoners and the international community for 4 years until it was snapped up by developers however, "as one door closes another one opens" and we are now happily bringing food and Patties to you, on the go, by way of private catering, events & retail outlets

02 indigo London

Previously, the Bickles brand could be found at the indigo 02 as the only on site food provider. Although no longer located at the 02 Bickles still remain the brand you can trust when it comes to  Jamaican cuisine. Our range of Jamaican Patties are the industry standard.

Bickles is Here Bigger & Better..........Contemporary Jamaican food at its best!

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