As one of Jamaica’s signature foods, Patties are instantly sought after items on any fast food takeaway menu.

We have enlisted the expertise of the best master bakers from Jamaican to help create the authenic taste in producing our unique brand.

You can purchase our Patties or obtain them as part of our Catering services.



Bickles is also a Pattie company

Patties are a lunchtime dining favourite for many communities throughout the UK and now due to a number of factors such as:

  • Annual hosting of biggest Caribbean carnival in Europe

  • Success of Jamaican Olympic team

there is now an ever increasing demand for the taste of the Jamaican Pattie!

Bickles Jamaican Patties create a spice explosion of taste in your mouth with every bite. The light (melt in your mouth) pastry crust is filled with ingredients such as Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Jerk chicken,

Salt Fish, Veg, Cheesy Beef and our newest flavors Callaloo and Dahl. 

The finest quality ingredients are sourced from carefully selected suppliers. Our team then prepare the meat for the fillings  with great care and effort to make sure all the right stuff is put into each and every Pattie.

Our production plant and machinery have to meet the highest standards, as do all our working  practices in accordance with European Directives.

Our staff are trained in both food hygiene and food manufacture; all staff, premises and practices are independently inspected by food safety experts.

All of our products are free from hydrogenated fats and contain no artificial preservatives or flavourings.

Our “Veg” Pattie Ingredients are of vegetable origin and the utmost care is taken during  production so there is no contact with animal products.

Bickles is jamaican for food. For all your catering enquires press the button or call
TEL 07904 108 725

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